The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) mission is to facilitate communication and provide leadership for the wildland fire community. This Submittable site is used to support a range of IAWF's communication activities, including the submission of article pitches and complete articles/photos/graphics for Wildfire Magazine, a membership and professional magazine focused on wildland fire and bushfire management, and the submission of conference abstracts and proposals. Please review the list of open submission forms before submitting, to be certain you're submitting to right category, and contact us with any questions.
"Fired Up" Initiative to Honor and Feature our Stories of Success

We at IAWF want to share stories about the unique contributions made by individuals and groups to the Wildland Fire Community. Therefore, we are launching the "Fired Up" initiative, featuring those who have made strides in advancing and contributing to wildfire/bushfire operations, mitigation/prevention, training and research. Contributions can be at the
ground-level through administration, so long as they are noteworthy or innovative.

We invite members of the IAWF and the Wildland fire community at large to submit recommendations for individuals and groups that deserve to have their stories shared for publication.

Guidelines: Submit your nomination for an individual or group that you believe is worth featuring in an issue of Wildfire magazine. We will need a justification for why an individual should be recognized, a short bio, and photo of the individual or group at work (if you have one). All IAWF members as well as people supporting the global wildland fire community
are eligible to nominate individuals as well as to be recognized.

Each issue of Wildfire magazine will feature up to two individuals or groups. Individuals who are recognized in "Fired Up" will receive a one-year  membership at IAWF, and groups who are recognized will receive up to five, one-year memberships.

Thank you, 
Editors of Wildfire magazine and the IAWF Membership Committee
Wildfire Magazine is a bimonthly magazine and website for the global wildland fire community. Wildfire keeps professional and community readers informed on emerging issues and resources in fire management, wildfire science and ecology, health and safety, and leadership.

The magazine is written primarily by fire-management professionals, scientists and leaders working in the wildfire, bushfire and urban interface communities. These experts share their practical experience and knowledge as they examine issues that are key to our communities and profession.

We accept queries for article ideas and complete articles as well as photos and multimedia content. We suggest you review our Author Guidelines before you submit.
Ends on November 16, 2017
Thank you for your interest in advertising in Wildfire Magazine, the official publication of the International Association of Wildland Fire.
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  • Submit articles, photos and suggestions for the magazine, contact Chair of the Editorial Board, Ron Steffens:

Nominate to join the Board of Directors

Nominations are now open for new members of the International Association of Wildland Fires' (IAWF) Board of Directors.  Nominations will be accepted through September 30, 2017 and successful candidates will begin their 3-year term on January 1, 2018.  Individuals meeting the requirements listed below may self-nominate.


  • Must be an “individual” member of the IAWF in good standing.  Student, Corporate and Agency members are not eligible.

  • The IAWF Board of Directors is a working Board.  We expect that individuals serving the membership in these positions will contribute the time, energy and expertise to serve on committees, participate in eleven (11) conference calls per year and generally assist in furthering the mission of the Association. (Calls are scheduled the last Tuesday every month, except December and generally last about 60 minutes.)

  • Applicants with skills/expertise in Financial Management, Board Governance, and Communication/Journalism/Media (Writing and Editing) are highly encouraged to apply.

The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) mission is to facilitate communication and provide leadership for the wildland fire community. The IAWF was formed to promote a better understanding of wildland fire, and built on the belief that an understanding of this dynamic natural force is vital for natural resource management, for firefighter safety, and for harmonious interaction between people and their environment. The Association is dedicated to communicating with the entire wildland fire community and providing global linkage for people with shared interest in wildland fire and comprehensive fire management.

  • If your job or other activities will prevent you from dedicating sufficient time to committees and monthly meetings, as mentioned above, you may not be suited for the position.

  • Since most of the Board’s activities are conducted electronically, applicants need to be comfortable using email, opening and filing attachments to email, using Microsoft Word for very basic tasks such as creating documents, opening documents, filing them, and minor editing.

  • Attending an annual face-to-face Board of Directors meeting is very helpful, but not a requirement.  The IAWF at this time is not able to pay travel expenses for Board meetings.  The annual meetings are one day and are generally held at one of our conferences. 

 By September 30, 2017, submit an application (see below).  The Board of Directors will hold their election for the expiring positions during the week of October 30th.

For more information about the IAWF visit

If you have any questions please contact Mikel Robinson, Executive Director at +01 406-531-8264 or