Call for Workshop Proposals

The workshops will take place on Monday 29 April 2019, the day preceding the 6th International Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference in Sydney, Australia. 

The purpose of the workshops is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners in wildland fire to discuss and exchange interests on a defined topic. We view these workshops as an opportunity to ensure scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users.

There will be a nominal registration fee for participants; this fee will cover the cost of the meeting rooms, refreshments and audio-visual equipment. 

Proposals should contain the following information:

  • Names, affiliations and email addresses of the workshop facilitator;
  • Workshop title;
  • Workshop length;
  • Abstract/description, detailing the objective, intended audience and format;
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants (approx).

The evaluation criteria include overall quality and the fit with respect to the conference topic - Fuels of Today – Fire Behavior of Tomorrow: Understanding Fire Behavior and Fuels for Sound Decision Making and Effective Management. We are interested in workshops that connect research and management. 

The deadline for submissions is 16 October 2018. 

Notifications of accepted workshops will be announced by 10 December 10 2018. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amy Mulder at