Virtual Posters

We will be conducting a virtual conference which will include a virtual poster session. In addition to your traditional poster you are encouraged to submit a virtual poster. You will be permitted to submit one PDF or Power Point slide series not to exceed 10 slides prepared exactly the way you would submit this to a printer.  

· The slides would contain the same content that you would display on a printed poster board.

· The first slide should show the full title of your submission.

· Each slide title should be placed in a title placeholder. This allows that title to come across in the hyperlinks on the left bar.

· Place the title of your presentation and your name at the bottom of each slide.

· It is suggested that type size should be at least 24 point. The typeface chosen should be a simple and clear one (e.g., Helvetica).

· When importing or inserting any graphic file (picture) it is important to make sure that it will function on any computer and does not require proprietary software to view. The acceptable formats are as follows: Bitmap (BMP), GIF, JPEG (JPG), Portable Network Graphic (PNG), and TIFF (TIF).

The deadline to submit your virtual poster is April 6th. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.