The International Association of Wildland Fire is seeking a Managing Editor for our quarterly magazine, Wildfire.

This is a part-time contract position to produce four issues in 2021. This position is anticipated to continue.

Wildfire is published quarterly for members of the International Association of Wildland Fire and the greater global wildland fire community. The magazine serves as a storytelling and network building platform, exemplifying our role as a unique supporter and unifier of wildland fire practitioners, managers, researchers, academicians, and wildland fire students across the globe.

Available in print and online, Wildfire is the only publication capturing wildland fire professional experience, policy, and science from across the planet. Through sharing our stories, challenges, research, setbacks, solutions, perspectives, and progress, we connect with, learn from, and inspire each other – unifying our global wildland fire community in these increasingly challenging times.

The International Association of Wildland Fire is a professional membership association that facilitates communication and provides leadership for the global wildland fire community. The IAWF was formed to promote a better understanding of wildland fire, and built on the belief that an understanding of this dynamic natural force is vital for natural resource management, for firefighter and public safety, and for harmonious interaction between people and their environment. The Association is dedicated to communicating with the entire wildland fire community and providing global linkage for people with shared interest in wildland fire and comprehensive fire management.



  • The Managing Editor is responsible for planning and managing all daily operations of Wildfire Magazine.
  • The Managing Editor will report directly to the IAWF Executive Director, with guidance and support from the IAWF Board of Directors and Communications Committee.
  • This is a contract position for 4 issues in 2021. [February, May, August, November].
  • The position will continue in some form, with future contracts shaped by the 2021 issues.
  • The magazine is typically 48-60 pages, about 25% advertising.
  • The Managing Editor will work closely with the advertising sales and administrative staff that are already in place. The Managing Editor will provide guidance and best practices to the staff, and the staff will provide the historical knowledge of the magazine to the Managing Editor.
  • All work is done remotely, so the job can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Must be proficient in the English language.
  • Must demonstrate experience in the management of a successful publication periodical in both printed and online formats.
  • Preferred: Subject matter knowledge of wildland fire.

Duties include:

  • Work in conjunction with the IAWF Board of Directors and Communications Committee on the editorial vision, brand of the magazine, and marketing strategies.
  • Participate on bi-monthly Communication Committee conference calls.
  • Brainstorm article ideas.
  • Review article pitches.
  • Write original content.
  • Edit contributed content.
  • Communicate and work with contributing editors and other writers to provide original content.
  • Develop each issue’s editorial, working with other editors to finalize specific stories, angles, and sources.
  • Traffic all workflow of the magazine; including editorial, artwork and ad sales: work with editors, writers, designers, and advertising staff to give deadlines and ensure they are on schedule.
  • Review all articles for content before they are published.
  • Coordinate with designer on layout.
  • Coordinate with the printing/publishing company.

Please submit your resume, fee and/or proposal, and professional fee requirements by December 14, 2020.

You may also submit a video proposal.

For questions please contact:

Mikel Robinson

Executive Director

International Association of Wildland Fire

1418 Washburn Street

Missoula, MT 59801

O: 406-625-7059

M: 406-531-8264

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