Nominate to join the Board of Directors

    Nominations are now open for new members of the International Association of Wildland Fires' (IAWF) Board of Directors.  

    IAWF is committed to maintaining a positive, empowering, inclusive, and innovative culture where all members of the wildland fire community feel safe, valued, heard, and included.  We recognize that diversity encompasses differences between people and include recognition of ethnicity, culture (including indigenous peoples), personality, age, sexual preference, disability, religious beliefs, social and economic standing, as well as profession, education, work experiences, and professional identity.  And inclusivity creates feelings among groups of diverse peoples of equal value and respect, equal access to opportunities and resources, and open and accepted contribution of perspectives and talents.

    We welcome and encourage nominations for all individuals meeting the requirements listed below, and we will also accept self-nominations.     

    Nominations will be accepted through September 30, 2023 and successful candidates will begin their 3-year term on January 1, 2024. 


  • Must be an individual, volunteer/seasonal, or student member of the IAWF in good standing.  Corporate, Library and Agency members are not eligilble.
  • The IAWF Board of Directors is a working Board. We expect that individuals serving the membership in these positions will contribute the time, energy and expertise to serve on committees, participate in eleven (11) conference calls per year and generally assist in furthering the mission of the Association. (Calls are scheduled the last Tuesday every month, except December and generally last about 75 minutes.)
  • Applicants with skills/expertise in Financial Management, Board Governance, and Communication/Journalism/Media (Writing and Editing) are highly encouraged to apply.

The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) mission is to facilitate communication and provide leadership for the wildland fire community. The IAWF was formed to promote a better understanding of wildland fire, and built on the belief that an understanding of this dynamic natural force is vital for natural resource management, for firefighter safety, and for harmonious interaction between people and their environment. The Association is dedicated to communicating with the entire wildland fire community and providing global linkage for people with shared interest in wildland fire and comprehensive fire management.

  • Please consider if your job or other activities will prevent you from dedicating sufficient time to committees and monthly meetings.
  • Since most of the Board’s activities are conducted electronically, applicants need to be comfortable using email, opening and filing attachments to email, using Microsoft Word for very basic tasks such as creating documents, opening documents, filing them, and minor editing.
  • Attending an annual face-to-face Board of Directors meeting is very helpful, but not a requirement. The IAWF at this time is not able to pay travel expenses for Board meetings. The annual meetings are one day and are generally held at one of our conferences. 
  • Candidates will be ranked based on knowledge and experience, IAWF service, geographic area, and diversity.

Principles of Conduct – Living Our Values – Leading by Example
    In the conduct of personal and professional matters, IAWF places high importance on the values of integrity, responsibility, and reputation. We are committed to maintaining high standards both within the organization and in our dealings with others in our daily lives. Our leadership has developed these Principles of Conduct to define our accepted and unacceptable ethical behaviors. It is important that our standards are defined, available, and understandable. We have established guidelines for all members at all times and non-members who may be participating at any IAWF conducted activities. It helps ensure that IAWF promotes, achieves, and maintains high standards of practice and it provides a benchmark for members and non-members participating in IAWF activities to use for self-evaluation.
    Compliance with these standards demonstrates our individual and collective respect for our profession, our professional and personal relationships with others, and our respect and commitment to the long-term vision, goals, and values of IAWF.
Principles of Conduct

 Deadline for Applications is September 30, 2023.

    The Board of Directors will hold their election for the expiring positions during the week of October 31 and new board members will be invited to attend the board meeting in November.

    For questions e-mail or call Mikel Robinson, Executive Director +01 (406) 625-7059.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.