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The Fire Continuum Conference Proceedings

A formal proceedings of the conference will be published as an online government proceedings publication through the US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.  All presenters at the conference are encouraged to submit a summary of their presentation or poster for publication in the Conference Proceedings. Submissions may be full papers, extended abstracts, or abstracts. No distinction will be made between presentations or posters. All abstracts accepted to the Conference will be published as originally submitted unless the authors submit a revised abstract by May 31, 2018.

Why submit?

Proceedings provide a lasting record of the content covered during the Conference. By submitting a summary of the work you presented at the Conference, others can learn from and cite your contribution. Extended abstracts in particular are a great option to provide readers with more detail of your project compared to a short abstract, but they do not preclude publication in other outlets.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

  • All proceedings manuscripts must be reviewed by two qualified experts. Forest Service authors must follow their unit’s review procedures; non-Forest Service papers should be reviewed following their organization’s/agency’s procedures. Authors should keep personal copies of reviews and responses. These do not have to be submitted with the manuscripts, but the Proceedings Committee reserves the right to request reviews and responses.
  • All submitted manuscripts must be formatted to the US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station guidelines (see below)
  • The manuscript will be reviewed by the Proceedings Committee before final acceptance into the Proceedings
  • All manuscript packages must be submitted by May 31, 2018 for inclusion into the conference proceedings.
  • Submissions may be full papers, extended abstracts, or abstracts. Submission Requirements (word limit includes all text from the Introduction through the end of the Reference section, including figure and table captions)
    • Full papers: 8000 word limit
    • Extended Abstracts: 2500 word limit + 2 tables and/or figures total max
    • Abstracts: All poster and presentation abstracts accepted to the conference will be published in the proceedings. Authors have until May 31, 2018 to submit revised abstracts, otherwise the abstract submitted to the conference will be printed.


For more information, contact Sharon Hood (sharonmhood@fs.fed.us or 406-329-4818)


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